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It is our pleasure to introduce you to Andean Valley Corporation. Andean Valley Corporation maintains the same business values: "always work closely with our producers, provide better life quality to our consumers by offering nutritious, healthy and very tasty food, generating long-term relationships with our customers and enjoying the authentic Bolivian Royal Quinoa"

I give you the warmest welcome to our corporation and I hope you and your company can enjoy the experience of working with us... as do today more than 30 companies worldwide.

We produce, process and export a line of over 30 organic, gluten free, lactose-free, products free of preservatives and artificial flavors and free of genetically modified ingredients, to more than 15 countries around the world.


To be the leading company in innovation and development of high quality nutritious organic food, made with Organic Royal Quinoa, providing our customers and consumers, NUTRITION, HEALTH AND QUALITY OF LIFE, with our extensive line of products.


To position, through our own sales companies located throughout the world, the most diverse line of organic foods made with Organic Royal Quinoa produced under international standards of quality, food safety, social and environmental responsibility.

Welcome to the Quinoa world of Andean Valley ... SUPERFOOD YOUR LIFE!!!

Organic Royal Quinoa White Grain

Organic Royal Quinoa Red Grain

Organic Royal Quinoa Black Grain

Organic Royal Quinoa Mix Grain

At Bob's Red Mill we believe in the power of whole grains with a passion.

While there's been a growing awareness of whole grain benefits in recent years, we've been providing the highest quality whole grain products to folks since 1978. This may seem like a long time, but humankind has enjoyed the many health benefits of whole grains for thousands of years.

At Bob's Red Mill, we're not into food 'trends'. On the contrary, our philosophy is to keep providing whole grain foods that have endured the test of time. Today, we're just as committed to bringing you the very best quality products as we were when we first opened our doors, and we look forward to keeping you and your family healthy for many years to come.

When it comes to whole grains, the good news just keeps coming. Recent scientific research has shown that the overall benefit the body receives from whole grains comes from the synergistic effects of fiber, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. This simply means that they all work in harmony to provide health benefits that are greater than the sum of the individual parts. We won't go so far as to call it nature's magical elixir, but it's not far off.



Bob's Red Mill - Food Service Pack

Pan-Baked Granola Lemon Blueberry

Pan-Baked Granola Cranberry Almond

Pan-Baked Granola Maple Sea Salt

We’re here to help you live more vibrantly, every day

Paul Bragg realized it more than 100 years ago – that we share a deep natural desire towards “healthy”. It was this forward-thinking realization — that our bodies naturally crave a healthy balance — that led Paul to create Bragg Live Foods, America’s original health food company.

It has evolved into a shared movement for healthier, happier lives. That begins with what we put into our bodies, then flows into other aspects of our lives.

With an ever-expanding portfolio of ingredient-led products backed by a century of time-tested wisdom, Bragg remains passionately focused on helping each individual eat better, feel better, and enjoy a more healthful and vibrant life.

Paul Bragg introduced the idea of wellness to the world.

Carrying on his legacy for the past 65 years, his adopted daughter, Patricia Bragg has grown our specialities and preserved the high standards of Bragg. And now, Patricia has invited longtime friend and Bragg lover Katy Perry along with a few other partners to take us into Bragg’s next chapter and deliver simple health for generations to come.


Liquid Aminos Original

Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar 946ml

Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar 473ml


White Quinoa Flake

Red Quinoa Flake

Black Quinoa Flake

White Quinoa Grain

Countries have different standards to classify a certain food as gluten free. Neozealand is the most rigorous, as a food product needs to have less than 3 ppm (parts per million) to be considered gluten free. Coronilla has adopted this standard.

To comply with this requirement, no food product containing gluten is allowed to enter the industrial complex. During the industrial processes of food products within the plant, laboratory analysis are made by means of the Elisa test, to determine that all products are below the 3 ppm the standard demands.
 Finally, the same analysis is applied to the finished products, following a sampling process, thus verifying they remain below the 3 ppm. The continuous application of this triple control guarantees that Coronilla’s food products are gluten free.

All production processes at Coronilla comply with ISO 22.000, achieving thus a guaranteed quality.

Rice and Quinoa Pasta ANDEAN SPAGHETTI

Rice and Quinoa Pasta ANDEAN FUSILLI

Rice and Quinoa Pasta ANDEAN ANELLI with vegetable

Rice, Amaranth and Quinoa Pasta MULTIGRAIN SPAGHETTI

Peruvian Nature is a one-of-a-kind Peruvian company created in 2001 dedicated to the production and marketing of dehydrated products that serve as raw material for the food production and manufacturing industries for direct use by the consumer.

We are an agribusiness located in the Lurin Valley of Lima, Peru, specialized in the natural dehydration of native products. The purpose of creating Peruvian Nature was to offer the world quality products and Super Ingredients to both the food and health industries in the form of bulk or finished product.


100% natural products are treated at controlled temperatures to protect their "SUPER" properties and characteristics.


Agribusiness with experience in processing and marketing naturally dehydrated products.

Committed to ensuring consistent, reliable and sustainable quality in keeping with our international certifications (GMP, HACCP, allergen free, gluten free, Kosher, organic, non GMO, and pesticide free), and with the fact that all our products can be traced directly from its raw material in the field.

Dedicated to sustainable biocommerce and improving the quality of life of our consumers.


Become the leading Peruvian company in the natural treatment of native products with a  view to contributing to improved health and sustainable biocommerce.

Sunblast Organic Juice distributed by Ballun Distribution (M) Sdn Bhd since Year 2018.
Sunblast Organic Juice available in 5 different flavors which is Sunblast Organic Apple Juice, Sunblast Organic Orange Juice, Sunblast Organic Apple + Mango Juice, Sunblast Organic Apple + Guava Juice, Sunblast Organic Apple + Cherry + Blackcurrant Juice.

Sunblast Organice Juice is 100% Organic Juice, No colouring, No Sugar Added, No preservatives, and Nothing Artifical.
Sunblast Organic Juice is certified by Ecocert, Halal, Non-EU Agriculture.

Sunblast Organic Juice Available in Packsizes:
1 Pouch = 200 ML

10 pouches = 1 Cartons

Sunblast Organic Juice Malaysia Official Social Media Platform:

Sun Blast Organic 100% Apple Juice. NO SUGAR ADDED

Sun Blast Organic 100% Apple-Mango Juice. NO SUGAR ADDED

Sun Blast Organic 100% Apple-Guava Juice. NO SUGAR ADDED

Sun Blast Organic 100% Apple-Cherry-Blackcurrant Juice. NO SUGAR ADDED

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